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Ncurses interface

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New interface

HomeIO was created as a server-like application which everything important is rendered as log-like response.

Wind turbine instance is very dynamic. There was too much of information rendered too fast. It was nearly not readable at all. I need to change it.

I wanted to try ncurses as one of the most popular tool to create console interface. It was quite some work which allowed me to perform a lot of other changes and fixes.

Now, you can see current measurements without using frontend.


Interface consist of various tabs which I will describe below.

  • Home - status of all modules, boot and shutdown
  • Log - last log messages, scrollable
  • Meas - current measurements
  • Action - list of actions
  • Overseer - list of overseer: current state, measurement and executable action
  • Addons - every addon has its own page
  • Stats - at this moment only resource usage stats

Measurement UI


I want to add theese features soon:

  • Better addons interface: wind turbine with more meaningful data, …
  • Some actions can executable from interface. It will be probably accessible by addon page.
  • More stats