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Proper HTTP requests in C++, makefile and small portion of fame on Nukomeet blog

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Nukomeet featured my article about HomeIO and plant monitoring system. Thanks! :)


I used script files to run backend cleaning, compilation and run it to various systems. Now it’s the makefile !

If you want to run just type:

make run SITE=dev

SITE variable tells which instance to run. Instance is defined by proper main file in /src/mains.

Proper HTTP requests

I’ve integrated libcurlpp and now all spy requests are done in a good way. The bad thing is that you need to install more dependencies on your system.

For Debian users you can

make debian-deps


sudo apt-get install libcurl4-openssl-dev git g++-4.9 cpp-4.9 libcurlpp0 libcurlpp-dev

The libcurlpp0 libcurlpp-dev Debian packages are required from now additionaly.