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New sensors in local instance!

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Some time ago I bought a few sensors. Two of them were:

  • analog temperature senson LM35,
  • digital humidty and temperature senson AM2302

A few days ago I had time to use them in local HomeIO instance.

Digital sensor is much more accurate than analog. Digital sensor has 0.1°C resolution, while analog one has 0.5°C effective resolution when using ADC converter. You can change reference voltage to increase resolution, but it’s not recommended in present situation, when there are other analog sensors.


I bought another digital one and installed it outside few moments ago. I hope this will result in interesting conclusions over time.


  • internal temperature - 21.4 °C
  • internal humidity - 45.2 %
  • external temperature - 13.3 °C
  • external humidity - 69.5 %