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You can safely press CTRL+C

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Till this day pressing CTRL+C had some bad effects, now it’s safe* to restart backend.

it *should be :)

First was fixing locked TCP socket issue, which I’ve done it a few months ago. About month ago I had an idea that it’s not nice to kill backend process while it write measurements. As you know (or now) backend store two versions: stored CSV (name, time from, time to, value) and buffer (all data fetched from uC, but not more than million of raw values per measurment type). Image pressing CTRL+C while backend does it. It would be not nice - data loss (keep in mind HomeIO is not intended to enforce persistence).

For about 3 weeks if you press CTRL+C signal execute close procedure which close all subsystems in a proper order. Good, but not awesome. It won’t stop storing data. Since today measurements are stored after stop is initialized, so all measurements that are in memory should be read after you restart.