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Measurement groups

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What is measurement group?

It’s set of array of names to define measurements which are similar to themself in any way. You are free to set your own groups in main.cpp file, like in example below:

h->measGroup->addGroup("name_of_group", "meas1,meas2,meas3");


h->measGroup->addGroup("temperature", "int_temperature,ext_temperature");

All of them describe temperature and are stored in identical unit - degrees. But it’s not required. You can create group with measurements related only by nature of the system.

h->measGroup->addGroup("battery_state", "batt_u,i_gen_batt");

In example above battery voltage is related to current which charge them.

h->measGroup->addGroup("generator_state", "coil1,i_gen_batt");

In example above charging current is related to coil voltage.